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Free Advice on How to Organize a Great College Essay

Essays are a routine part of college life. If you‘re not good at essays, chances are it‘s because you don‘t understand the basic organization of an essay. Here is a great resource for learning how to organize your college essays.


Every paper should start with an introduction. The introduction needs to house background information about your paper as well as your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be the central idea which your paper is either trying to support or trying to prove. Make sure you capture the reader‘s attention with a strong introduction.

Body Paragraphs

Research papers should ideally have one body paragraph per idea. The same is true with essays that have a personal topic. The body paragraphs follow the same format as the entire essay each body paragraph will have an introductory statement or a thesis statement for the paragraph the remainder of the paragraph will support the main idea. The end of the body paragraph should also have a conclusion and a transition statement to get to the next idea.

Body paragraphs should follow the formula that the strongest point of the paper appears last. The reason you and with your strongest material is that the reader will have the last information they read in their mind rather than the first information. It is especially important to include your strongest information last if you‘re writing a persuasive paper.


The conclusion of your college essays should have a brief summary of all of the points that you‘ve covered within your essay. The most important thing to remember when writing the conclusion of your essay is not to introduce any information that you have not previously covered. Many people want and their essay with some exciting new fact. If you haven‘t supported the fact previously in the essay, don‘t bring it up! Bringing up new information in the conclusion is a classic mistake many people make when writing college essays.

Your conclusion should tie all of your points together and finish up any analysis that will allow your reader to see why your body paragraphs were included in your essay. The conclusion should restate your thesis statement and how you supported your thesis statement through the body of your essay.

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