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Guidelines to Follow in Order to Find an Essay Template

Choosing the format for your essay often goes one of two ways- you either try your best to do what you remember you are supposed to do or you follow an incredibly long list of formatting instructions that your teacher provided. Instead of taking one of these rocky routes, you should use an essay template with set formatting. When you do this, the only thing you have to worry about is the words. Read on to learn where you can find a template.

#1: Look in Microsoft Word

When you open Microsoft Word, you will be presented with the option of opening a saved document or creating a new document. If you choose new document, you should see several types of templates that you can use on your screen. Select the template you need and start typing. If you don’t see the template you need, you also have the option of downloading their templates online.

#2: Check On Academic Websites

The first place that you should start is on your school’s own site or your school/town library’s site. Do a brief search to find out if they have what you need. If they do not, then go to your favorite search engine and search for writing templates for the essay type that you are writing. If you type .edu, .org, and .gov into the search bar as well, you will be led to credible websites with information that you can trust.

#3: Do an Image Search

If you have trouble locating the academic websites that will be able to help you locate an essay template for your writing assignment, you can do a search through with your favorite provider through images. One thing that you must be careful of when you search through images is downloading a mislabeled or inaccurate template. Once you find a template that looks like it could be useful, follow the link that leads to the site providing the image. Check the reliability of the site and find out whether or not the template is what you need.

Instead of struggling to put the formatting of your essay together, try using a template for your paper. Check out the above locations to find a template for any type of writing.